Hindereth Hinder/Hindereth — (Let)
Y O U N G   P E O P L E ' S   D I C T I O N A R Y   O F   S C R I P T U R A L • & • R E L I G I O U S   T E R M S

The actual word hindereth is found only one time in the KJV Bible. Hinder or hindered,
however, is found 25 times. The word simply means to stop or slow someone’s intended
action. We might say something like this, ‘the rain hindered us from having fun at the
’. Here are some Bible verses which use hinder in that sense.
In Genesis 24:56, Abraham’s servant said to Rebekah’s family; “...Hinder me not, seeing
the LORD hath prospered my way; send me away that I may go to my master
In Galatians 5:7 the Apostle Paul rebuked the Galatian Christians who were turning from
the grace of God in the gospel they had received, to putting themselves back under Jewish
law to obtain God’s blessing. This was very, very wrong and was completely against the
beautiful, pure gospel of the grace of God. Thus Paul said to them; “Ye did run well; who did
hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?

There is another way in which the word hinder is used in the Bible. It is used in the old, formal
English sense of when today we say back or behind. This is seen in the following verse.
(When speaking of a boat, the word hinder would today be called the stern).
And He [Jesus] was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake Him,
and say unto Him, Master, carest Thou not that we perish?
” (Mark 4:38).
The word let often, in the original Biblcal Greek, means the same thing as hinder. The
following passage in 2 Thessalonians, is speaking of the Holy Spirit, Who hinders or lets or
keeps the Anti-Christ and full apostasy take place in this world, until the church is raptured
home. The Spirit of God will go with the church, and then, no longer will there be any
power to stop the awful apostasy from fully developing in this world.
For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He [the Holy Spirit] who now letteth
[hindereth Satan] will let [hinder Satan and Anti-Christ and apostasy], until He [the Holy
Spirit] be taken out of the way [at the rapture of the true church].” (2 Thess. 2:7).