Hearken Hearken
Y O U N G   P E O P L E ' S   D I C T I O N A R Y   O F   S C R I P T U R A L • & • R E L I G I O U S   T E R M S

The word hearken, or a form of it, is found 235 times in the KJV Bible. It is a very simple
word which means to listen.
However, in Scripture, hearken often suggests careful listening. When our blessed God
speaks, it is very important that we carefully listen to hear whatever He is telling us.
The Lord Jesus often told those to whom He spoke to hearken, or we may say, to listen very
. He is God, and when He was here on this earth and spoke to people (whom He
created), nothing was more important than that those people would very carefully listen and
consider what He told them.
It is the same for us today. Our Lord Jesus may not be walking here today in flesh, for He is
presently seated at the right hand of God the Father (see Hebrews 2). But He is the Word
(see John 1) and He has given us His written word which are God’s divine revelations to
mankind. Today we hearken to Him by carefully reading the Bible (God’s Word) and spending
much time thinking about what He tells us in His Word.
And when He [Jesus] had called all the people unto Him, He said unto them, Hearken unto
Me every one of you, and understand
” (Mark 7:14).
If a person is working at a job and his or her boss comes to them and says, “Listen very
carefully to what I am going to tell you”, there would be no question as to the seriousness of
what the boss was about to say. Nor would there be any question about the hired person
listening (or ‘hearkening’) to what they were about to be told.
Think, dear reader, how infinitely more important it is that you and I and every soul in this
world, would very, very carefully and seriously, listen-hearken to what our Creator God has
to say to us!!