Haply Haply
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Haply, an old English word, is found once in the KJV Old Testament and five times
in the New Testament. There are three different Greek words which all are trans-
lated into ‘haply’. The context of the passage in which this word is found gives a
sense of words we might use today in its place.
Here are the three New Testament definitions (which are closely related). 
1) Haply: “if only”. Example — ‘If only (If haply) I would have studied harder for
my math test’.
(2) Haply: “so then or “therefore”. Example — ‘So then (or ‘Therefore’), (So,
) you should never light a fire near an open can of gasoline’
(3) Haply: “perhaps”. Example — ‘If you would, perhaps (haply), look in the closet,
you may find your shoes’.
(4) Haply “Oh that by any means” . This particular meaning of the word haply is
found once in the Old TestamentThere it is used as an expression of extreme
longing or desire. Example: ‘How important that by any way possible!’ (If haply) the
medicine could be delivered immediately!