Caldron Caldron

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The word caldron is only found in the Old Testament. It is a kind of metal bowl
used for cooking. It was specially important when the flesh of an animal was being
boiled (seethed). (see 1 Sam. 2:12-17 as an example).

When an Israelite offered a burnt offering to God, the animal was not boiled, but was
burnt wholly on the altar. This kind of offering reminds us of the worship and
praise that we offer to God because of the glories and perfections of His beloved
Son, Jesus. It is all for God just as the Lord Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was first to
satisfy the heart of God regarding sin. Jesus offered Himself without spot to God (see
1 Pet. 1:19). The fire of God’s holy anger and judgement against sin was not made
less intense by adding water (boiling or seething). Our Lord Jesus suffered the full
wrath of Holy God against sin, as if He were in the midst of a terrible fire.

The lamb that was slain in Egypt to redeem the first born from the judgement of
God is a picture of this offering of Jesus (see Exo. 12:8-9). It’s flesh was to be roast
with fire
rather than being boiled in a caldron. This is an Old Testament picture of
the unknowable depth of suffering the Lord Jesus Christ endured when He was
forsaken of God at Calvary for our sin.