Printing Instructions
Adobe Acrobat Reader V 8.0

To Download Adobe Reader v 8.0

For Automatic Double-Sided Printers

    1. From the File menu, select "Print."
    2. From the Print dialog box, locate and select the setting for double-sided printing.
    3. Select "Landscape" as the paper orientation option if it is not already selected.
    4. The printer automatically prints the booklet perfectly.

For Manual Double-Sided Printing

    1. From the File menu, select "Print."
    2. Choose "Print odd pages".
    3. When the odd pages are printed then choose "Reverse page order" and print "even pages".
    4. It may be that your printer will have special instructions for printing booklets if the above does not work properly. Try "Help" in the menu at the top and inquire about "booklet printing".