For Dads and Moms

I have enjoyed recently (though reminded so much of my own failure as a Dad) the following verses all written by Moses:

1. Exodus 10:2 – teach thy son and thy son’s son – how that I am the Lord. That is teach them that God is omnipotent and in control of all things.

2. Exodus 13:24-27 – Tell your children that it is the Lord’s passover. Teach them about the sacrifice of God-the Lord Jesus on Calvary for us.

3. Exodus 13:6-10 – Show thy son what is meant by the feast of unleavened bread. Show them a life of holiness dedicated to the Lord.

4. Deut. 4:1-9 – Teach thy sons and thy son’s sons to possess the blessings that God gives through obedience and that closeness with God in communion is the only way to enjoy them.

5. Deut 6:7 -1-9 – Teach diligently the Word when you sit in your house, or walking in the way, when you lie down and when you get up – continuous diligent teaching of the precious Word. You must bind it in your hand so your children can see it affects all you do, as frontlets for your eyes so they can see that it affects what you watch and also on the posts of your house so everyone may see you are a testimony to all who come to your place. What a solemn responsibility!

6. Deut 11:18-21 – Lay these Words in your heart and in your soul. If you do, then your teaching will be effective to your children. It starts with the parent and it must be real and deep.

7. Deut. 32:44-46 – At the end of his life Moses can sing a song of praise to the Lord. He says more strongly – "Command" your children to observe to do, all the words of this law. Perhaps at as we get older we know how important these things are and the "teach" becomes "command". I think the song at the end of Moses' life complements his first song in Exodus 15 – the song of salvation. The last song is a song of praise to the Lord for a life devoted to the Lord. How few can sing both songs!

I think it is very precious to see that in #1&4 there is the added exhortation for grandparents "son's sons". What an encouragement for us to be able, even though there has been failure, still able to teach our grandchildren the same principles of reality, devotion to God and His Word in a life of holiness, lived in the fear of God.

How: "Teach", "Tell", "Show", Teach diligently", "Lay in your heart and soul".

Where: While getting up, sitting, walking, lying down

When: Bind the Word to the "hand" (what you do) "frontlets" (blinders-what you look at), "posts" (what supports you in your life).